We move out of our house every weekend to rent it out – we make more money on our home than we get in our pay checks

A COUPLE who move out of their house every weekend to rent it out say they make more money on their home than they get in their monthly pay checks.

Kate and Victor Mangona claim they can save up to 75 per cent of their income each month while covering their mortgage expenses.

Kate and Victor Mangona let tenants take over their home every weekend


Kate and Victor Mangona let tenants take over their home every weekendCredit: TikTok/@katemangonamd
The parents claim they earn more from Airbnb than their monthly wages


The parents claim they earn more from Airbnb than their monthly wagesCredit: TikTok/@katemangonamd

The pair, who are both doctors, decided to delve into the renting world and invest in three properties in a swanky part of Dallas, Texas.

But even their main base isn’t off limits, with the family saying they earn $1,500 (£1,220) for letting tenants take over each weekend.

Despite having two young daughters and demanding careers, they believe upheaving their lives on a regular basis is worth the cash they rake in on Airbnb.

Kate, a radiologist, life coach and podcaster, said she had “no idea we would be house hackers” when she got married to Victor.

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She explained the family of four “move out of our home every weekend and live out of luggage.”

Although it sounds like many parents worse nightmare, the mum loves camping out in hotels, lofts and apartments while renters inhabit her home.

Despite her and Victor’s high-flying roles as medics, Kate claims they “make more money on Airbnb-ing our own home than my actual paycheck.”

She added in a TikTok video: “And we have so much fun doing it!”

The couple’s track record with the rental company speaks for itself, as they have already been promoted to Superhosts.

The title is reserved for homeowners who have earned top ratings for “going above and beyond” for guests.

The parents document their hectic renting journey on TikTok and have shared clips explaining how their unusual side hustle began.

In one video, Kate explained how the success of their renting scheme was somewhat a happy accident.

The family had initially intended to move back into their home after the arrival of their second child.

But their plans were disrupted by a devastating windstorm that tore through their town, displacing hundreds of locals.

Kate and Victor leased out their property to a family who had been affected, who eventually left after three months.

The parents moved back in -but had barely finished unpacking when a hurricane ripped through the area, destroying numerous pads in the process.

Just four days after returning to their abode, the family were back on the move again after offering another family their home to rent.

Kate told how they had to then frantically re-pack before moving into a hotel – along with their dog, baby, toddler and au pair.

It prompted the couple to consider Airbnb as a steady source of secondary income – so they decided to make their role as temporary landlords permanent.

Victor, a radiation oncologist, told Marriage Kids and Money: “We both earn plenty of money with our own jobs.

“But we would like to create a secondary income stream so that we can have the same lifestyle without actively working.”

The mum and Victor are laughing off the constant stress of moving all the way to the bank, as they claim to earn a hefty sum for renting their home out for the weekend.

They believe finding pads on Airbnb offers the most affordable way for families to live in a good neighbourhood and ensure they are in the catchment area of their desired school districts.

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We previously told how a mum earns £900 a month by renting out her spare room on Airbnb- which pays for her three-month holiday each year.

Suzanne Noble, 61, started listing her home in Kilburn, West London, on Airbnb five years ago to supplement her income.

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