Vaccinate 10% of your population by September, WHO tells country leaders

Amarachi Okeh

Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has urged leaders of all countries to vaccine at least 10 percent of their population by September

The WHO DG said this on Friday in his opening remark at the media briefing on COVID-19.

Speaking at the virtual briefing, the WHO boss said that this would protect health workers and those at most risk, effectively ending the acute stage of the pandemic and saving a lot of lives.

“I have urged leaders across the world to work together to ensure that by this time next year, 70 percent of all people in every country are vaccinated.

“This is the best way to slow the pandemic, save lives, drive a truly global economic recovery and along the way prevent further dangerous variants from getting the upper hand.

“By the end of this September, we’re calling on leaders to vaccinate at least 10% of people in all countries.

“It’s a challenge but we know it’s possible because already three billion vaccines have been distributed,” Dr. Ghebreyesus said.

He also pointed out that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is fast becoming a dominant strain in many countries adding that “we are in a very dangerous period of this pandemic.”

He also noted that the Delta variant is dangerous and continuously evolving and mutating, this he said requires constant evaluation and careful adjustment of the public health response.

“Delta has been detected in at least 98 countries and is spreading quickly in countries with low and high vaccination coverage.

The WHO boss also suggested that public health and social measures and also equitable sharing of protective gear, oxygen, tests, treatments and vaccines be employed by countries to combat this virus.

He also urged countries who have launched their “so called vaccine certificates” not to discriminate against people and countries that have either a lack of vaccines or certain types of vaccines.

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