Shade Ladipo gets backlash over sexual advice for females

By Adeniyi Adeweyin

Followers of media personality, Shade Ladipo have disagreed with her over a piece of perceived raunchy advice on Instagram.

The OAP had advised that ladies can have a countless number of sex with as many men as possible, opining that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

She urged ladies to keep the numbers going as long as they did not commit murder.

“Ladies, there’s no shame in how many people you have slept with,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“Sex-shaming especially when done to women is older than Methuselah. Ladies, please hold your head high, na fuck u fuck you no do Chidinma.”

Reacting to Ladipo’s post, followers and social media users bashed the content creator for her advice which they tagged unhealthy.

Josepheena wrote: “There is a shame, it’s wrong to sleep with too many people don’t let anybody deceive you, you will put yourself at risk spiritually and health-wise, be that girl that is hard to sleep with, I promise you there is dignity in that fr!”.

Another critic said: “And when they affiliate women’s success to sleeping around and transactional sex, you’ll go vocal against it. Pick a stance and defend it with your chest. Hypocrisy is a terrible trait.”

@iniee_beauty wrote: “God forbid there’s shame in turning my private part a market square, I don’t support this mbok.”

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