Sexual assault can happen to anyone, says Kalu Ikeagwu

By Olaitan Ganiu

Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu has argued sexual harassment cuts across age, race, and gender.

The British-Nigerian thespian in a recent chat with The Nation cautioned that rape and sexual molestation should not be limited to only the male gender.

According to Ikeagwu, God created the strong to protect the weaker ones, advising individuals to desist from taking advantage of the vulnerable ones.

“Rape and sexual harassment go both ways. For example, he was on set, some time ago, with a very talented young lad but being a popular actor he took advantage of her.

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“Similarly, he had been sexually molested by women that were old enough to be his mother. Because of that, he couldn’t go near any females. So these things cut across both sexes.”

Continuing the movie star said: “Sexual abuse could happen to a child, a grown man or woman. People should stop taking advantage of the vulnerable ones, there’s a reason why you’re strong, the strong are supposed to protect the weaker ones, the intelligent person is supposed to protect the less intelligent person. The same way an elder brother looks after the younger sibling and that is how God put things on this earth.”

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