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Though real estate mogul, Paul Onwuanibe was born in Britain and lived a significant part of his life over there, he has however shown so much love for his motherland, Nigeria. Onwuanibe, who is the CEO of Landmark Africa Group, a prominent real estate and property development company, is already a successful real estate player in Europe. But to him, no matter how successful you are in the Western world, especially in the United Kingdom or how long you’ve lived there, you will never really have that sense of identity. Without a shadow of a doubt, the mogul believes that Africa is the future with more youths than anywhere else. He also realised that the African property scene was largely unexploited. With this realisation, Onwuanibe decided to put his money where his heart is. In 2007, he visited Lagos with the mission of finding a place that had potential but hadn’t been developed.

He spotted a beachfront in Oniru Estate, Lagos that hadn’t yet been put to good use. Subsequently, he established the Landmark Leisure Beach, which is arguably Nigeria’s most beautiful beach today. The business magnate’s goal, however, is to ensure that the Landmark ecosystem thrives as the most visited business, leisure and lifestyle destination in Africa where people can live, work and play all in one location.

This mixed-use establishment already features a beachfront along the Atlantic coastline —now home to the famous Landmark Event Centre, Shiro Restaurant, and Hardrock Café. Not yet satisfied with how the lush coastline looks, Onwuanibe and his team are planning to add a residential tower and a hotel within the beach. Already, the businessman has successfully secured N10 billion in funding from Shelter Afrique, a pan-African housing financier that will be utilized to partially finance the construction of the Landmark Waterview Apartments, a mixed-use housing project, as well as to refinance existing debt.

Spotlight learnt Shelter Afrique’s funding is a testament to Onwuanibe’s credibility and commitment to delivering exceptional real estate projects that cater to the escalating demand for contemporary and comfortable living spaces across Africa.

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