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It’s time to unite Nigerians, Agba tells opposition, urges them to — Politics — Newsdaily – Nigeria

The Chief Executive Officer of Agba Gold Nigeria Ltd, Emeka Agba, has called on all aggrieved candidates to come together to unite Nigeria, saying the country could only progress if they shun their personal interests and sentiments.

Agba, a business mogul also called on the aggrieved candidates to take the bold step and congratulate the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and be ready to work with him for a better and united Nigeria.

Agba insisted that, whilst it is important to congratulate Nigerians and Nigeria for having gone through an election process without the country going up in flames, it is also extremely important to appreciate Nigerians for showing overtime the capacity to tolerate and accommodate one another.

“I congratulate the president-elect, because it is not easy to win an election. Although other candidates might have felt disappointed, it is pertinent to know that, there is no perfect election anywhere.

“Elections in other climes have not been perfect, even in America. The election that brought in Joe Biden was massively rigged against Donald Trump. Even if the other parties claimed that the just concluded general election was rigged, I believe they still need to appreciate the fact that they were given the opportunity.

“Those who felt the election was rigged should take it as one of those challenges in politics. The fact that we still have a country is a plus to us.

“The people saddled with the responsibility have pronounced the person they felt is the best for the country. The truth is that the interest and the peace of the country should come before the interest and aspiration of anyone,” he argued.

According to him, the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) did its best possible. The aggrieved candidates, he appealed should concede defeat, congratulate the President-elect, and unite to move the country forward.

On the naira redesign policy, he declared that the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN) has messed up the banking institution in Nigeria.

His words: “CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, reportedly coming out to apologise now shouldn’t be enough because he has caused the country a lot of damage. The naira redesign policy brought untold hardship on citizens.”

“Businesses suffered losses, and people died when they couldn’t get at least N500 to buy drugs. I don’t know what informed the decision that a developing country like Nigeria is ready to go digital.

“Some places cannot even boast of electricity for at least 10 hours daily yet. I wonder about the feasibility of the policy where people still live on $1 daily, and power supply is still epileptic.

“Mandating the country to go digital without appropriate measures in place is wicked and should not be condoned. The policy was nothing but a waste time and resources.

Agba emphasised that the CBN had no reason whatsoever to frustrate Nigerians with the policy, pointing out that Emefiele’s apology can never be enough, and urged him to simply resign.

“He is a failed banker, and I am not even excited about his moves to get cash back in circulation. He is not doing Nigeria any favour as the money belongs to Nigerians.

“He should be quizzed by the security agencies to explain why he decided to drag the country backwards economically. Sanctioning Emefiele will serve as a deterrent to others,” he said.

Speaking on who would become the next Senate President, Agba said: “Senator Orji Uzor Kalu should emerge unopposed as the next Senate President in the spirit of fairness and equity for all the geo-political zones.”

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