I can’t stop acting because of marriage

IN Tana Adelana’s opinion, getting married to a partner who knows the ethics and challenges of the acting profession should be a top priority for any actor before saying “I do.” In this interview with ADENIYI ADEWOYIN, the screen siren speaks on combining being a wife, mother, and acting among other interesting issues.


WHAT have you been up to?  

Work, work, work, movies, movies, movies still working on my brand. I’m hoping to release something on August 15, 2021.

Tell us about this new release up your sleeves

Something… Let me just give you a name, Achalugo. You’ve been seeing it right, it means something, and it will be unveiled on August 15th.

Aside from the release of ‘Achalugo,’ how has the industry been in the last 10 months after COVID-19?

It’s been very hectic, thank God I’ve been in demand, I have no free time.

Like shuttling between Nigeria and U.S. to be with your family?

No, not all my family are over there, just some of my family.

So, you were on vacation the last time you were out of the country right?

Yeah, it was a vacation.

How do you shuttle between family time and movie locations?

I always make sure I come back in between work. I give myself two or three days in between, but I come home to see the kids, see my husband, and move again.

Entertainers face varied challenges ranging from being an up and coming and staying relevant after gaining stardom. Considering your level of popularity in the industry, what challenges do you face most?

Generally yeah, you have to remain humble and you have to tolerate quite a number of people, a number of situations. That on its own is very tough and like you said staying away from family for a long period of time at a go is not a very easy thing to do. Sometimes you read that my colleagues have marriages that are crashed, you know people that can’t, you know keep their homes together. It’s not because they don’t want to sometimes, it’s just a very difficult situation.

Tana Adelana
Tana Adelana

Do you think it could be avoided because several celebrity marriages have crashed?

Well, if you make a conscious effort then maybe, also, you need to have an understanding partner. Not every partner understands. A lot of partners want to marry you and immediately they get married to you, they want you to leave your source of income, or leave your job and look for something else. It’s not very easy, being in this industry is like being a drug addict, you really can’t say no, no matter how long you stay away, one day you’ll come back.

So would you have left your job as an actress if your husband had asked you to before you got married?

I won’t have even married him if he had the inclination that he would ask me to stop acting.

So you love acting this much?

I love my husband more.

Yes, but you could do something else?

Not really, marriage is not just a contract. It’s an understanding, even though you make compromises, you also need to understand your partner. If I had gotten married to a kind of man that would ask me to quit my job, then I never quite understood him. Those are the signs you see as long as you don’t ignore them you will be fine.

What is it like getting married to a Yoruba man?

Oh it’s great, I don’t know Yoruba but I’m married to a good man that’s it so (laughs) it could be Yoruba, it could be Igbo.

Did you have fears before marriage?

Not really, because like I said, we understood each other in the beginning so. I don’t like to talk about my marriage.

In your movie, ‘Body Language,’ how easy was it for you to play such a revealing role?

It was very challenging because it had a lot of sensual scenes. We had to get a body double because I’m just that kind of person you know, so not all the scenes you saw were my body. We had a body double. It was a very challenging character.

So far in Nollywood, what are the most memorable moments?

Memorable moments for me are, you know in the beginning, it was very tough in an industry that is dominated by women. Everywhere you go there are women, no matter how beautiful or talented you are, at some point, you will nearly give up because there are just too many people around and you will think to yourself I know I am talented, I know I can do this but is there really a chance of me. Having stayed long enough to be recognized is deserving only of a child of grace. It will always be a high point for me.

Has attending a film school been of help in stepping up your game?

It helps because the acting, you just need to learn how to put yourself in characters and it also works with your environment, where you are. For instance, you go to school in America and they teach you how to act like an American and you’re here acting a proper village Nollywood girl scene, there’ll be a problem. So just understand the concept of acting itself and you’re good. So if you go to film school pick up a few things, don’t let it confuse you.

You hardly talk about trending issues on your social media platform, why?

I actually don’t act like nothing is happening. During EndSARS, I was very vocal because lives were lost. I’ll say it today and I’ll say it tomorrow, anytime and anywhere. Now, sometimes, I get very busy by the time I catch onto the trend, it’s over and it just looks like I’m jumping onto a bandwagon. But I do have my strong beliefs and strong opinions and if I’m given a podium like right now I’m talking to you, I’ll speak my mind.

Tana Adelana
Tana Adelana

What do you think about the Twitter ban?

I think it’s stupid, I think it’s insensitive and I think it’s just completely violating the rights of a citizen of any country. I have a right to speak and I can speak anywhere. I mean yes you have the power. Okay, that’s fine but no matter how you try to sugarcoat it or explain it. It’s wrong

Asides what we see in the movies, how will we describe your personality?

I’m am an ambivert. I’m a mix of an extrovert and an introvert. So sometimes I’m an introvert, sometimes I’m an extrovert. I most likely lean to being an introvert because most times that is what I am.

What’s the next big thing for you?

I’m launching something on August 18th and I’ll keep working. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface of what God has planned for me yet so I’ll just keep working.

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