Dike Osinachi reacts after daughter picked N50, 000 over plate of rice

By Ekaete Bassey

Nollywood actor, Dike Osinachi has been left utterly bewildered after by his daughter made a choice of what she wanted.

In a trending video, the movie star could be heard telling her to choose from two items placed in front of her

The items included a mint bundle of N500 notes worth N50, 000 and a plate of white rice with stew.

After repeatedly asking his daughter to pick any of the items, the little girl eventually reached out and picked the bundle of N500 notes which left the actor in amazement and self-denial as he questioned her paternity.

At some point, he screamed: “Chineke meh! (My God!) I don die! Le kwe nu nwa’m (Look at my child!) I kept a place of rice and 50,000 and I said chose one.”

Confirming from the daughter, he asked: “Is that the one you want?”

After which he asked her to take her leave and the little one immediately ran off holding the bundle of N500 note with her hands.

Captioning the video, Dike Osinachi wrote: “@zimaudrey2018 I have seen the love of money in you, this is not my blood oh cos I don’t like money too much.”

Reacting to the video, some social media users noted the little girl made her choice with her “full chest” as her eyes had been fixed on the money all along.

Others have said a female would always display trait of ‘love for more’ regardless of the age grade

blueyweird said: “her eyes already speaking before her mouth.”

hayuurr wrote: “Her eyes has been on the money from the beginning of the video, even cartoons will choose the money over food.”

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realityshaderoomtv stated: “It’s how she could not get her eyes off the money for me. The money already in her mind.”

_aniscooser said: “She left without looking back. Forward is the goal. She will buy food out of the money.”

everythingomonene wrote: “Money that she has been eyeing since. Correct girl.”

kemzybabs stated: “She couldn’t get her eyes off the money.”

hankvaljr said: “Who would pick rice and stew over stack of cash tho. That baby is the future minister of finance.”

sltarry_you wrote: “the food wasn’t even her option. Her eyes were on the goal.”

girliekenny stated: “Even from childhood we like money, my gender and money.”

lx.amara said: “na wa for this our gender ooo.”

sugaryprisy_999 wrote: “She carry am waka oooo, this my gender self.”

abbedemmy screamed: “Women and money!”

isiguy2k said: “So it’s officially, women and money is a gene traits. It’s start from young age o.”

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