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Caroline Crouch cop who was first on scene took baby daughter from killer husband as he acted ‘cold & strange’

THE COP who arrived first at the scene at Caroline Crouch’s house took her baby daughter Lydia from the arms of the killer husband as he said he acted “cold and strange”.

Officers who arrived at the couple’s home at Glyka Nerafound the 20-year old Brit dead next to her baby daughter while her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos was tied and blindfolded.

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The first cop who arrived at the scene took the baby from her dad's arms


The first cop who arrived at the scene took the baby from her dad’s armsCredit: Rex
He said the pilot was acting strangely


He said the pilot was acting strangelyCredit: YORGOS KARAHALIS

The helicopter pilot had originally told police a gang of Albanian criminals had broken into the house and tortured and killed his student wife.

He later confessed  confessed to killing the young mum as he “lost his temper” during an argument.

According to Proto Thema, President of Police N / A Attica George Kalliakmanis said the officers who arrived at the crime scene on May 11, had suspected Babis right from the start.

“The police officers who arrived at the scene found a very “polished” house,” he said.

“Usually burglars empty everything.

“The officers noticed the pilot was acting “cold” when they released him.

“The perpetrator allegedly did not know about his wife’s death and asked ‘Is Caroline dead?’

“He then said a few words and got the baby in his arms.”

He continued by saying that one of the officers noticed the 33-year-old “acting strangely” and got the baby from his arms.

“That’s when he told me he was suspecting the husband did it,” he added.

Babis admitted he killed Caroline after he lost his temper during a row


Babis admitted he killed Caroline after he lost his temper during a rowCredit: Tim Stewart
20-year-old Caroline was strangled to death on May 11


20-year-old Caroline was strangled to death on May 11Credit: Tim Stewart
The pilot was pictured hugging Caroline's mum


The pilot was pictured hugging Caroline’s mumCredit: Tlive

It comes as:

He concluded by saying that the house did not look like a house that had just been robbed as clothes were thrown around looked staged.

The 33-year-old pilot spent over a month deceiving police and playing the role of the devastated widower.

Cops eventually discovered his version of the story story did not match with the data they had found on the couple’s smart devices.

An app on the pilot’s phone tracked his repeated steps from the attic to the basement of the home at the time he had claimed to be blindfolded and tied up by the alleged burglars.

Police also had discovered the memory card in the security camera of the couple’s home had also been removed at 1:20 am – while he had claimed the thieves broke into the house several hours later.

Caroline’s smartwatch recorded that her heart had stopped beating hours before the time Anagnostopoulos claimed she must have been murdered.

While Anagnostopoulos was at the island of Alonnisos for Caroline’s memorial service, police had to set up a trap, fearing he might flee the country.

Officers who travelled to the island by helicopter approached him and asked him to follow them in order to identify a suspect they had allegedly arrested at Athen’s airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

After an eight-hour- investigation Babis confessed to his crime saying he “panicked” and was planning to hide the mum’s body before deciding to fake a violent robbery because he wanted to keep the custody of his daughter.

On Friday the pilot arrived at court surrounded by cops and was charged with intentional homicide and animal abuse as well as with false accusations.

He has since apologised for his crime and said he is only concerned about his baby daughter Lydia.

Babis appeared in court wearing a bullet-proof vest


Babis appeared in court wearing a bullet-proof vestCredit: EPA
A coroner's report showed Caroline fought minutes before her death


A coroner’s report showed Caroline fought minutes before her death

A coroner’s report revealed that Caroline fought her husband minutes before her death.

The police file also includes Caroline’s diary which shows the relationship of the couple was far from perfect and that she was considering leaving him for a long time.

 Caroline’s mum claimed she did not suspect her daughter’s husband “for a second.”

Killer husband of Caroline Crouch says he ‘deserves his punishment’ after telling cops he suffocated Brit mum because he ‘lost his temper’


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