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Aspirin does not improve survival in COVID-19 patients –Study

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Yusuff Moshood

A new United Kingdom study has found that aspirin – a commonly used painkiller and blood thinner does not improve the chances of survival in severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Preliminary results of the study, named RECOVERY, according to the researchers, have revealed that aspirin has no impact in improving the chances of survival in severely ill patients of COVID-19.

As reported by YAHOO News, the scientists behind the study coordinated by the University of Oxford, and described as Britain’s biggest trial on the use of aspirin also evaluated a range of potential treatments for COVID-19.

They evaluated aspirin’s effects on nearly 15,000 hospitalised patients infected with COVID-19.

They had hoped that the drug could prove effective in treating COVID-19 patients who are at higher risk of clotting complications because it helps reduce blood clots in other diseases.

Co-Chief Investigator of the trial, Peter Horby said, “Although aspirin was associated with a small increase in the likelihood of being discharged alive, this does not seem to be sufficient to justify its widespread use for patients hospitalised with COVID-19.” 

In the study, a little less than half of the patients were selected at random and given 150mg of aspirin once a day, and the remaining were given usual care alone.

The trial which also looked at the effectiveness of several other treatments was the first to show that the widely available steroid dexamethasone, could save the lives of patients severely ill with COVID-19. 

The aspirin study, the scientists said, did not show any significant change to the risk of patients progressing to invasive mechanical ventilation. 

They also disclosed that for every 1,000 patients treated with aspirin, about six more patients experienced a major bleeding event and about six fewer experienced a clotting event.

Oxford University said the results from the study have been submitted for publication at a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The RECOVERY study also showed anti-inflammatory treatment tocilizumab significantly reduced deaths but found no benefit for COVID-19 patients from drugs such as antibiotic azithromycin and anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine.


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